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1. Vision Quest

The “Vision Quest” stage of your custom website project assists you and your web designer in becoming acquainted with your vision and the goals you have for your website. What is your message? How do you want the design to look and what kind of feeling do you want your visitors to experience? You will complete a “Website Vision Form” which will ask you questions that help us get a complete understanding of what you want your website to do. Once this step is complete, your web designer will schedule a discovery call with you in order to get crystal clear on your direction for the project prior to your discovery call your web designer will use the information you submitted in the “Website Vision Form” to do any research they may need to do in order to get a full understaning of you and your vision for your website.

2. Work & Review

Your web designer will build the first version of your website and submit a live site for you to review and provide feedback on. Keep in mind that the words in your website may be what we in the web design world call “Lorem Ipsum” which is just random latin text. This is content that we place in your website to hold the design content until you supply the real words that will replace them. Here is an example of some “Lorem Ipsum”: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, nibh soleat ne sit, at sed euismod impedit delectus, ei vim aliquip liberavisse. Vis iuvaret tacimates ad. Pro ei vitae volutpat, vero etiam omnes eum ea. In vis deserunt mnesarchum. Ex mel quaeque scribentur, ex probo persius adipisci mel.

Your feedback is an integral component throughout this process as it is important that the designer’s vision is constantly in line with yours. There are 2 rounds of revision included in both the Entry-Level Website and the Premium Website.

3. Test & Test Again

We will test your website and all it’s features on Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari as well as ensure that your website preforms properly and looks pleasing in mobile devices. If there are any abnormalities to the design or functionality of the website, we will make appropriate changes to fix the problem. We also test to make sure that your website loads quickly and that it adheres to the marjority of search engine HTML & CSS standards.

4. Launch

Congrats! Your website is built and you’re super happy 🙂

Although most of the time your website is built in a test environment until you resolve your domain name’s “A” record to our servers. This is actually a super simple process and your domain registrar (which is a name for companies like godaddy, domains.com, cheapdomains.com, etc.) will have tutorials on exactly how to do this within their system. We will supply you with the I.P. address to ender in you “A” record once the site is ready to launch. Don’t worry, we’ve had clients that needed help with this and that is no problem. We’re here to help you.

Once your “A” record is updated correctly, your website will start showing up when you type in your URL in any web browser.



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